HFB creates BIM-models like no other.

Still, we think that the real value is to be found in the usage of our models. Our consultants offer training and guidance to put our models into the right practice. Because we want you to get everything out of it.

Whether you want to know all about BIM protocol or learning to push the right buttons. For your management team or staff on the construction site. We clarify. We explain. We educate. We make sure you and your co-workers get the full grasp of BIM.

Singular services and training are definitely available, however we think it’s even more effective to set up our dedicated BIM Adoption Program. With this adoption plan together we create a roadmap directing towards a flawless BIM integration, in all its aspects.

What do we offer?

HFB Consultancy advices on every aspect of BIM:

  1. Organizational support
  2. Training
  3. Project management
  4. BIM coordination/management
  5. Model evaluation
  6. BIM 360
  7. Master classes
  8. Engineering
  9. Tailor made BIM-integration with our
    BIM Adoption Program

When HFB Consultancy?

You can call in our consultancy services any moment, for every problem.

Do you need structure in BIM-chaos? All questions can be asked, we guarantee a solution.

Struggling with a smooth BIM integration? Our consultants only stop when you have an oiled BIM machine.

Does your staff need a BIM-knowledge-boost? We arrange training and master classes, tailor made to your organization.

Short-handed? When capacity is a problem, we offer the employees you’re lacking.

For who?

Our consultancy is for every organization working in some way with BIM. We are backing up starters, who don’t know where to begin. We also support organizations already working with BIM, but where it isn’t working how it’s supposed to. When you need extra capacity on a specific project: bring us in!

What is the ‘HFB BIM Adoption Program’?

We set up a tailor made BIM Adoption Program, completely focused on one thing: your needs. Our BIM Adoption Plan offers a smooth BIM integration into your organization. Based on your specific projects we integrate BIM for calculation, work preparation and on the construction site. We train employees in engineering, quantity take off, management of subcontractors, overall coordination and QA/QC: all in BIM.

The framework of your dedicated Adoption Program lies within your own ambition, intensity and organizational strategy.

So, contact us if you need any kind of BIM support! Click here for an introductory meeting with one of our consultants.