Engineering, coordination and detailing of a BIM model has formed the core of HFB for over a decade. Filled with enthusiasm we fully commit ourselves daily adding to the foundation of hundreds of completed projects on all imaginable scales and typologies.


The art of Architecture for us is raising the optimal configuration of functionality to beauty within her context. Not art for the sake of art but a fitting expression within the décor of the public space. Architecture, shaped and molded in an optimal process where we design and innovate every building on the experience and knowledge of all the others.


Boundaries create freedom. For us amazing architecture is designed after everything in the building has been designed to serve the optimal business case and the highest quality of experience. The data of the physical location, the maximum program, the desired and required performance specs of the building are our starting point. Our validated design of the most efficient building forms the basis of your business case and the further design in both architecture and engineering.


A niche within a specialist firm where we have worked on translating our BIM directly into the actual production of buildings and it’s elements. Prefabricated concrete, timber framing, window frames, prefabricated homes and apartments. From our models, directly into the factory.