Razor-sharp and
true to life

It’s not only the hardcore technical stuff we are good at. HFB Visuals also realizes lifelike images of your project. Long before construction kicks off, we already can show you the ins and outs of a building.

HFB Visuals supports your marketing and commercial efforts, pre-sales and entertainment. Razor sharp and true to life.

Amongst others we create:


  1. Artist Impressions
  2. Animations
  3. 360° panoramics
  4. Virtual Reality (virtual tours)
  5. Augmented Reality

Artist Impressions

A BIM-model is most valuable, but besides a technical model we can imagine that you also like to see what you truly get. If you can’t wait to examine and experience your project: HFB Visuals is your team. A visual tour through an entire neighborhood in winter? Your project in total overview in summer? We realize frames from every angle, in any season or surrounding.


If you want to take an artist impression to the next level, you are looking for motion. We provide that extra dimension. So you can experience not only your project, but also for example the surroundings, landscapes and sun raid.

360° panoramics

Do you wish to see your project all the way round? HFB Visuals offers crystal clear 360° panoramic views. We put these images online, so you can see or show your project on any tablet or smartphone.

Use your mouse or finger to move through the 360° panoramic.

Virtual Reality (VR tours)

Everywhere you look, it’s your project! Based on 3D-models we create ‘as built’ images. With a VR viewer you can take a look around and give yourself a virtual tour. With the special software we developed you get an actual sneak preview.

Augmented Reality

A pretty eye-blowing way of visual presentation we have here. You aim your smartphone/tablet on a blueprint, and our AR-app projects a 3D-model on top. A staggering acquisition tool!