Who we are

Who we are?

HFB is founded in 2008, exactly when the economical crisis kicked in. Tricky? Maybe, but we had a strong gut feeling: virtual construction will be the future.

Apparently our gut feeling didn’t fail us, ever since we started we doubled our capacity every 2 years.

However, our drive for expansion isn’t focused on size. Of course, we want to be bigger, but above all we want to be better. The best. So we keep on ignoring boundaries and exploring possibilities.

We believe that our business is on the verge of a revolution. A turning point where we work on every day, continuously.

Looking at our future we strive for maximum agility. To be critical and on the edge. Most important, we want to get the best out of ourselves and our partners.

Because in our partners lies HFB’s biggest strength. Not once we completed a project with solely our own efforts. All our projects are a result of great collaboration, transcending the project because of the synergetic effects. We achieve successes together, we learn together and we struggle together.

Who we are? We are your organization. We are your employees. We are your knowledge. And our future.

Rob van Dorp

Algemeen directeur

Sharif Ben Chamach

Adjunct directeur